jen laforte

What the critic's say 

"...a solid cast...I was very impressed with several of the actors and the characters they brought to life. Jen LaForte as the comical Chloe is fun to watch”

Steadstyle Chicago

Hi! I'm Jen and I was born and raised in Rochester, NY but feel more Midwest than East Coast. I went to college in Ohio, then moved to Chicago after graduation and instantly became a Chicago girl. During my time there I had a full time job (which I got fired from by a man dressed in a Santa Claus joke) but instantly started temping and found I really enjoyed helping and assisting different companies when they needed it. This worked out GREAT because I could help companies in need while going to auditions, performing theatre and improv.

​My quirky, funny, girl next door personality, landed me a supporting role, on Logo’s TV Movie, Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together. Premiering in July 2011 at The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and Outfest, I played Jamie’s sister, Monica who's independent (though married) but always by her sister’s side. 

I'm known for my comedic timing and physical comedy which has allowed me to play with some of the BEST improvisers out there! One of my favorite teams to play with was The Real Housewives of Chicago. This all female group from Chicago performed all over the city including the famed Second City in Chicago. 

I'm your typical girl who knows everything about pop culture, loves everything BRAVO (esp. the Housewives), and enjoys food and going out to dinner with friends. My passions are acting, pop culture, skin care and wine. I feel so fortunate to have some amazing friends of all personalities and backgrounds. And in the midst of all this, I married the love of my life who loves me unconditionally, craziness and all. 

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